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The purpose of this web application is to give managers a tool to estimate the difference in travel costs between flying in Office of Aeronautics airplanes and driving. Cost factors are applied to three different employee categories taking into consideration the overall adjusted dollar value to the State for each traveling employee's time. These employee cost factors are only applied to travel by car as travel by plane more closely resembles an office environment. Travel by car is not conducive to conducting business. Other cost factors are spelled out in the FAQ section of this site.

To determine the costs of travel for the car and the plane, as well as the overall savings, enter the number of each category of employee traveling, the destination(s), and the duration of stay in the appropriate boxes. Select the "Submit" Button and the results will be displayed.

Destinations listed in the drop down menus are all the public airports in Minnesota plus a few selected out-of-state airports within roughly 400 miles of the Twin Cities. If your destination is not listed, call the Air Transportation staff at 651-234-7222 for assistance. The Air Transportation staff can also book commercial airline reservations.

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